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Origin Of Consciousness

Everything that makes up a human being in his extended substance state (extended substance as Descartes described it) is a continuation of a hereditary existence process contained in reality which leads to reality realizing itself and thereby creating consciousness; what I mean by this is that reality is full of everything that makes up a human being, and because of this the human is a stage in a ripple of many possibilities whose makeup has always existed before itself in one form or another long before becoming a sensory abled being capable of consciousness.

   Picture the relation between consciousness and reality as the realization of the cure to cancer; after all the time passed and different iterations of treatment, the scientist comes to his golden understanding and creates an effective cure. The birth of consciousness is also like this in the sense that its potential passes through several changes of matter through the eons to once finally reach its golden median; the meeting of its birth givers which are the concept of reality and its sensory abled creation.

   Reality first realizes its self when the sensory abled being is in its first stages of extended substance sensory abled existence. When this piece of reality notices its self and in turn realizes reality while rationalizing itself as a living breathing thing it creates the moment when consciousness is born which then, in turn, would define consciousness as the product of a concept becoming fully aware of itself through a sensory abled being which in this case would be the human or any object or living thing that can at one point be aware of its existence in reality.

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