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Posted by HoggleRhymes - February 20th, 2019

Origin Of Consciousness

Everything that makes up a human being in his extended substance state (extended substance as Descartes described it) is a continuation of a hereditary existence process contained in reality which leads to reality realizing itself and thereby creating consciousness; what I mean by this is that reality is full of everything that makes up a human being, and because of this the human is a stage in a ripple of many possibilities whose makeup has always existed before itself in one form or another long before becoming a sensory abled being capable of consciousness.

   Picture the relation between consciousness and reality as the realization of the cure to cancer; after all the time passed and different iterations of treatment, the scientist comes to his golden understanding and creates an effective cure. The birth of consciousness is also like this in the sense that its potential passes through several changes of matter through the eons to once finally reach its golden median; the meeting of its birth givers which are the concept of reality and its sensory abled creation.

   Reality first realizes its self when the sensory abled being is in its first stages of extended substance sensory abled existence. When this piece of reality notices its self and in turn realizes reality while rationalizing itself as a living breathing thing it creates the moment when consciousness is born which then, in turn, would define consciousness as the product of a concept becoming fully aware of itself through a sensory abled being which in this case would be the human or any object or living thing that can at one point be aware of its existence in reality.


Posted by HoggleRhymes - February 13th, 2019


Reality is full of everything that makes up a human being

A human being is made up of parts that exist in reality

The human being is born from reality

And he is reality before he is born

The human being becomes conscious of himself

The human being experiences reality

The human being becomes conscious of reality

Consciousness is reality experiencing itself through its sensory abled extensions.


Posted by HoggleRhymes - February 9th, 2019

Realization is the sacred space between life and death that sets everything before and after its median into place,

what we have experienced, and how we will react. Choosing the path of least harm is a dandy way of accepting the

weakness that I’ve allowed myself to call my ethics; my ethic of selecting the path that hurts others the least while

humbling my worth as an individual even as I suffer from my choices by virtue of being a slave to my broken ethical

code, as well as victim to what Nietzsche would call ”slave morality”. 

 When a man understands that the world is a place of consumption and that consumption is necessary for his survival,

is it then not ethical for that man to find a way to consume in a manner that causes the least possible harm to those who

are involuntarily involved, when in fact, he too is, from birth, an unwilling part of this broken system of existing? 

Through every action man makes, he is nailing a totem for humanity. If a man chooses to be a vegan, he is living an

example of what he thinks a man should be; this is a thought also shared by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre

(Existentialism is a humanism, 24). But when applying Sartre’s words to compassion based living is this way of choosing

and deciding Logically bankrupt? The problem then with living in a way that inspires everyone to give as if everyone

could do so would be that at the end of the week, the well-off would be seen as the saint providers in contrast to the

already disparaged, which would stay in a provided caste. 

Before beginning my study of existentialism, I was as how Nietzsche said in Genealogy of morality, unknown to myself

for I had never actually sought myself, and now that I’ve sought myself, I am perplexed by the lack of certainty I truly

hold. realizations resulting in the deterioration of one's ethics should be welcomed with an unquenchable thirst for

personal evolution. As realization is the sacred space between life and death that sets everything before and after its

median into place; it must be accepted no matter what fear of change comes with it, even if it is a total revolution of

whom we once knew ourselves to be.

Posted by HoggleRhymes - January 7th, 2019

Its been an insane ride trying to figure out my  artistic identiy. Aint it crazy how we can be so sure of things and then completely lost ?  i really found a home in the  sounds of Vektoid Macintosh plus and voyage . for once in my life i feel like the music actually makes me feel . ive let the universe take me where it will and im simply falling where itll take take me



Posted by HoggleRhymes - October 12th, 2018

Ever happen to you guys? ive been making music for what seems like the last 15 years..25 now .. and now that ive started making everything digitially .. its been hard to find direction.

do you guys ever come acrross  this? anyone else here recently make the transition ? pointers?

Posted by HoggleRhymes - October 9th, 2018

when i was a lot younger... like a lot of kids growing up in the 2000s.. fart jokes and the occasional racial slur didnt really seem too bad.

Growing up.. you change you know ? i cant take back some of the awful stuff ive said on here but..  i regret it and just know ive made strides to not be that guy anymore. thanks bros- stay hoggled